Keyworks Homeopathy

Why Homeopathy?

My first introduction to this healing science and art was when
I was a mother of one child and another on the way. 
We had just started out on a long anticipated holiday while
living in Austria when my daughter complained that her ear
was hurting.  The outcome of that day, lucky for our family,
turned out to be a positive one.  It took me into an Austrian
“apothecary” or pharmacy where the woman who assisted
me knew quickly what I needed and came back to the counter
with a small vile. She explained to me that it was a homeopathic
remedy that is in the form of eardrops and that I was to apply
it quite often and until symptoms subsided.  She assured me
that this would work and I need not concern myself about traveling with a sick child.

Within the next twenty-four hours my daughter forgot about her sore ear and our entire family enjoyed our long anticipated holiday.  We took family pictures and met the locals in the farm and lake area of southwestern Austria (not to mention almost crossing into Italy!).
From that introduction, I found myself as a young mother that uses homeopathy often.  Years later, I went on to take an‘acute care’ course in Calgary which reinforced what I knew already about the effectiveness of homeopathy.
This was my first introduction to the possibilities of homeopathic medicine.  I still find these days how amazing those little white granules of remedies work and how they have changed my life. 
As a homeopathic practitioner with experience of both Western and traditional medicine, I have long seen the wisdom in homeopathy and other alternative medicine. Since my first introduction to this truly remarkable medicine I find almost daily that I get to hone my skills with others who want to remain vigilant about their health.  I find myself more skilled at determining a clinical picture that may seem minor but has the capacity to be more debilitating.
So what is it that a homeopath can do for you?  Homeopathy is very effective in unlocking the cause of chronic conditions; a chronic condition being that which is persistent and comes with time.  The homeopathic remedy works through activating the body’s own energy of self-regulation and self-healing. 
The word homeopath comes from the Greek “homios” (meaning similar) and “pathos” (meaning suffering).  One of the basic principals is the “Law of Similars” which states that substances that can cause characteristic and common symptoms in healthy people can cure those same symptoms when they occur in an ill person.
I often refer those interested in learning more to a book called the Science of Homeopathy by Homeopath and educator George Vithoulkas.   Within worn pages of my book, I still find deeper layers of wisdom in his writings. 
​ It should be noted that homeopathy goes back to the days of Hippocrates.  Therefore, it is a science with a long history which is still relevant today.