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Carol Berlin-Miller

Carol is a graduate practitioner of Western College of 
Homeopathy - Classical Homeopathy and is also a
​candidate with the Council for Certification in Homeopathy,
which is a national regulatory body.  She anticipates
​completing her requirements by spring of 2015. Also a
​registered sonographer of 11 years, Carol has kept up
with her continuing education and stayed active with the
American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.  She
​practiced as a sonographer at the University of Alberta hospital and the Dartmouth hospital in Halifax. 
A little more about Carol from Carol:
Homeopathy is a great resource and there are many educators whose wish is the same as mine.  That is to ease the suffering that need not be.  I am more and more conscious that illness and suffering affects not only the individual but also the whole family.  I have many passions when it comes to homeopathy and health.  Below are just three but my blogs as they evolve will share my other passions with you.
My first passion is to stop the series of events that occur when a health concern is mishandled and unnecessary suffering follows.  I have witnessed how illness in one person has no borders, can be subtle and may affect a whole family.
My second passion is about education.  I believe in order for homeopathy to make way into people lives they must have an avenue to educate themselves about the truths of this medicine. Homeopathy isn’t that complex but it does take looking at the question  “Why am I ill?” from a different angle. 
My third passion is to see homeopathy available to all.  I plan to work with other homeopaths to see that this happens.   We have an association of homeopaths in Alberta run by a dedicated team.   Our standards are high and with this joint effort we will be seeking provincial certification of this profession in the near future.
I have the same expectation for learning for myself.  Up to this point have been involved in the following continuing education:

·     ‘Proving’ through Western College of Homeopathic Medicine (WCHM), director Linda F. Miller, Homeopath and educator.
·     Weekend seminar with renowned Homeopath Sunil Arnand. India. [WCHM]
·     C4 Trituration [Many of them] renowned Homeopath Roland Gunther (from Victoria, B.C.). [WCHM]
·     Autism course with renowned Homepath John Melynchuk . [WCHM]
·     Webinar course with renowned homeopath, Will Taylor.
·     Course on Homeoprophylaxis with renowned Homeopath Isaac Golden
​ ·     Webinar courses with renowned Lou Klein